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Beth Phillips

Beth PhillipsProfessionally, Beth Phillips has lived what she now counsels. Throughout her career, Beth has created her own opportunities in response to changing industry conditions and personal priorities. First, as manager for a French fashion house, she worked and lived in Europe, where she forged strong associations. When new management took over, she transformed job loss into a successful stateside consultancy, Phillips International, to help European manufacturers develop their own long-term international business relationships.

When Beth's personal life dictated a geographic move, she found herself in an unfamiliar business environment with seemingly few professional connections. After networking vigorously for three years, she joined a university faculty, where she now combines her expertise in business and career development.

Concurrently, Beth's ongoing fascination with individuals and their unique career trajectories inspired her to establish another consultancy, this time specifically to coach people through career transitions of their own. Through career counseling training from an industry association, Beth had realized that her services to corporate clients were in fact quite similar to those she could provide to individuals, and that her own coaching skills were relevant in any industry. She co-authored the very successful Fashion Careers: The Complete Job Search Workbook now in its sixth printing.

Whether clients have yet to land entry level jobs, face changes mid-career, or are considering retirement with trepidation and anticipation, Beth is galvanized by the possibilities. She knows precisely how to organize and communicate those possibilities, and how to assuage the anxiety that routinely accompanies transition. Remarkably quickly, she zeroes in on the big picture. Beth shows clients how their particular skill sets and connections can work to create new professional opportunities, which can lead to exciting, previously unconsidered career paths. She finds enormous satisfaction in watching her clients discover themselves anew, delighting in their realizations that they are almost always more knowledgeable and capable than they believe.

The bottomline: Professional careers can be rich and fulfilling at each and every stage, regardless – sometimes because – of the challenges along the way.

President, Phillips International
Faculty, Drexel University
Co-Author, Fashion Careers: The Complete Job Search Workbook
Co-Author, The Career Counseling Workbook
Member, The Business Connection of New York
MS, Georgetown University
BA, Emory University
Fluent French
Lived and/or worked in 15 countries