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The owner of a professional organizing company felt she should identify new growth strategies for her seven-year-old business. When our client received an offer of association from a complementary business, she carefully assessed it, entered into a series of negotiations, and ultimately decided to reject the offer. Our guidance throughout this process helped our client realize that this offer would not be to her best advantage. We therefore identified management, organizational and financial changes that could impact her own company’s growth, and she is currently implementing our suggestions.

A highly-regarded senior executive with 25 years experience in the international apparel and accessories industry wanted to work in a completely different business sector. This client wanted objective assessment of her skills and identification of those which were readily transferable and highly prized in her target industry. She was also looking for rapidly expanding companies which sought American experts to facilitate their entry into the US market. Vigorous networking resulted in an introduction to a Chinese high-tech consumer products firm, which hired her. To date, she has rolled out three company-owned boutiques which sell entertainment/technology-driven products.

A jewelry firm was unable to fulfill orders due to rapid growth. Our client, the firm’s harried owner, knew he needed additional qualified employees, but was anxious not to repeat past assessment mistakes which had resulted in a series of poor hires. We developed a needs assessment document, wrote explicit job descriptions for each position, and laid out a realistic timetable for interviewing, hiring and training potential candidates. An office manager and sales manager are now on the job, making important contributions to efficiency and profitability.

An international accounting firm created a website to market its services, but neglected to include staff biographies. We were retained to interview the partners and develop Professional Profiles that detailed their experience and unique strengths. Now, visitors to the website have the information they need to assess people, which is particularly important in an industry that depends heavily on trust between client and provider.

A highly creative and nationally recognized fashion designer was invited to join a corporate Board of Directors, which required submission of a CV within 72 hours. Our client felt insecure about preparing a quality written document on a rush basis. We interviewed him thoroughly, pored through decades of achievements and accomplishments, and produced the needed material on time, thereby averting the crisis at hand while providing a polished document for any additional future use.

A former CPA, deciding to turn a lifelong passion for fitness and health into a business, became a certified in-home personal trainer. She came to us for help in reaching her next professional goal – acceptance into an Ivy League post-baccalaureate program for career-minded working adults who need to develop a stronger business foundation. Initial consideration was based on a resume, which we rewrote together. The second round was based on personal presentation, which we outlined, prepared and practiced repeatedly. She was accepted into the target program, has begun classes, and was just hired to work part-time in marketing while she completes the program.

An assistant editor in publishing feels trapped in a low paying job with little chance of advancement. Because his education and past work experience are in a totally different field, our client feels unfocused and unprepared to start a job search. Reviewing his resume, which undersells his experience, education and salable skill sets, provided the point of departure for his career transition process. Strengthening the resume will enable our client to perceive himself and his skills differently, as he begins prescribed focusing activities aimed at discovering industries of interest. Our next step: Preparation for networking and requesting informational interviews with professionals in these industries.

A management executive’s desire to look for a new position is motivated by her career-long employer’s pending acquisition and her well-founded belief that she will be laid off as redundant. Along with improving our client’s rusty external networking skills, we are working to identify her skill sets and to develop a powerful personal presentation, preparing her to move into another industry, as she desires. We will also collaborate with an accountant and an employment attorney to shape the ideal potential severance package, should our client’s current job come to an end, as she predicts.