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Smart Strategies for Career Transitions

At Phillips International, we prepare business professionals to approach job searches by offering insightful and customized career development strategies, services, support and advice. We find that most people fail to recognize the power and transferability of their own skill sets, which means they often under-sell themselves. To deflect that impulse, we:

  • Constructively evaluate – and find practical, concrete ways to clearly communicate – skills, talents, goals and interests;
  • Provide important, powerful resources and contacts;
  • Craft dynamic, well-structured, standout resumes and cover letters;
  • Through preparation and practice, improve spoken effectiveness and written clarity, as well as self-confidence and poise for networking, interviews and negotiation.

Phillips’ methods are adaptable in early or mature career trajectory. Our clients may be seeking career transitions (including retirement), new opportunities or advancement within their own companies or industries. Regardless, we always challenge them to quantify their successes and to see themselves and their abilities in fresh, creative ways. We listen diligently, ask probing and appropriate questions, respect confidence, and remain realistic yet optimistic.

It is our mission to become personal and professional advocates for our clients. Quite simply, we believe in them. We fully develop all opportunities to professionally market our clients, and are convinced our involvement will help them realize the best possible results.

Smart Strategies for New Grads